Lindsay on the stairs

Lindsay on the stairs

This was yet another quick “walk around Hollywood” shoot. Lindsay was a natural and we got soooo many great images. We need to shoot again. I should make that happen soon.

Hollywood, California

Bradley Laurent


About Bradley Laurent

Bradley Laurent Photography I call Los Angeles home. I’m awkward and geeky, but my wife thinks I’m handsome, so I’m a pretty luck guy. :) Lots of people let me take their picture, and I’m not sure why. I shoot film and digital, both are awesome. My “official” bio… I am a photographer based in Los Angeles. Although I shoot everything from fashion to editorial, film stills to art, my current projects focus on documenting the creative denizens of Hollywood subcultures using my own unique vision. My art blends old techniques and fresh innovations; nature and technology intertwine from conception to completion. A living dress sprouted and grown from seeds is forever immortalized on discarded sheet metal, while an elegant gown created entirely from 800 plastic straws hangs on the disenchanted fashion model as post-punk couture. Enormous raster images create an overwhelming experience of instant fame when juxtaposed with their bewildered subjects of inspiration. I print using non-traditional media. I’ve printed on sheets of copper and aluminum, as well as exotic handmade and archaic fibers such as Brazilian Banana paper, Traditional Bhutan Dekar Natural and Denak Jute, Korean Kozo paper, to name a few.
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